Our values are the building blocks of Champion Services’ professional ethos—it’s what makes us what we are: passionate service-warriors with a drive for excellence.


One of our major goals is to ensure that opportunity comes knocking at every turn. Our business model encourages upward mobility and we implement strategies, practices and a supportive environment that allows our employees to flourish—it’s the perfect blend of vertical and horizontal growth.

Career Development

It’s our belief that opportunity and career growth go hand in hand. We promote developing and retaining talent. We invest in our employees and do everything we can to take their careers to the next level.


Our top-notch training program for personal and professional development features courses, objectives, seminars and sessions to polish the necessary skills for success.

Fun Environment

Moving away from a ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ approach, our office environment is laid-back, supportive and enjoyable— all with a dose of healthy competition among agents. The idea here is to mix an operations focus with a fun, supportive and communicative atmosphere.

Benefits and Perks

With its generous benefits and perks, our company takes care of its employees, making sure they’re equipped with everything they need to remain motivated, inspired and fully involved in providing service excellence.

Competitive Pay

Our champions are rewarded with a competitive salary and plenty of perks to help them along the road to success.